Loans for unemployed without guarantees are difficult to obtain, but there are more flexible online solutions that allow access to credit even to those who would normally encounter many difficulties. It is no secret that in order to obtain a loan, the best position is that of the employee, possibly for an indefinite period: this happens because the banks, before granting a loan, want to be relatively quiet about the debtor’s ability to repay the capital.

For this reason, a bank will ask for guarantees, the most common form of which is the pay slip of an employee, or at least the monthly slip of an older person’s pension. Both documents testify to a stable income, which should guarantee on the applicant’s repayment capacity.

The same cannot be said for the unemployed, who cannot present a pay slip


Loans to the unemployed are therefore by definition of loans without payroll.

The unemployed, not only the only ones who have to turn to this type of service: even the self-employed and temporary workers cannot show a pay slip. However, people without a job can present even smaller guarantees. For this reason, a possible solution could indeed be that of online financing without payroll , a more flexible and often more convenient opportunity. The greater flexibility depends on the fact that you will avoid some of the checks and paperwork that should be addressed by contacting a bank branch.

However, one should not think that online ones are completely loans without guarantees


It is true that loans can be obtained without a demonstrable income , but at the same time it is still necessary to offer some form of guarantee: for example, the signature of a third party guarantor who takes charge of the reimbursement if the original applicant is unable to do so. . It is therefore very difficult to obtain loans without a pay slip and a guarantor .

Furthermore, it is good to remember that loans for unemployed without guarantees will hardly offer high sums: probably, the funding could be around a maximum of a few thousand euros , which is still lower than what could be obtained with a normal personal loan. Quick loans without guarantees, especially online, are very useful, but can only offer small amounts to overcome temporary moments of economic difficulty.

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