Personal loan (as it is commonly defined) means a loan not finalized at a fixed rate , with amortization in constant installments to be repaid on a monthly basis generally through bank rid.

The lender provides the requested amount in an initial solution by bank draft or bank draft.

Everyone can get it, employees, self-employed and retired, provided they have income that makes it possible to meet the installments, moreover chosen comfortably by the client himself and they do not have payment errors in progress such as protests, bad payer registrations or foreclosures.

In general, the granting of a personal loan is not subject to the presentation of collateral and only when the desired amount is rather high compared to the income capacity of the applicant, the indication of a guarantor or other specific guarantees is required.

In the granting of personal loans , the financial companies evaluate both the financial burden of the applicant (understood as other loans in progress, whether they are consumer credit, mortgages, salary-backed loans or personal loans) and the eventual registration in risk control centers and databases .

Today, obtaining a personal loan without a pay slip, which can also be requested online , is more difficult compared to solutions such as the salary- backed loan for employees or the proxy loan, since the applicant does not offer real guarantees (unless requested a guarantor) but undertakes to repay the amount with monthly payments, generally via rid (direct interbank ratio 


Amounts financed from € 1,500 to € 31,000 (in some cases even higher amounts)
Loan purpose not required
Rate between 12 and 120 months (based on the financing institution)
Age between 18 and 70 years.
Demonstrable income (salary, Unico model, retirement pension …).
Good credit position (*).
Customizable amounts and repayment times.


Once you have submitted your personal loan request from the online quote request form, you will be contacted by the financial institution to which you requested information that will evaluate with you the best solution (repayment time, installment amount)

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