Personal loans without pay checks are provided by the banks only when the applicant can offer attractive alternative guarantees. The bank serves in fact some form of insurance against the risk of being exposed to a person who cannot certify to receive a stable income.

The pay slip is in fact probably the most important of the guarantees

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In this regard, one might ask: what are the guarantees of a loan for personal loans? Simply put, the bank cannot “trust the word” of those requesting a loan, but it must be relatively certain that this person will be able to repay the capital received. An income or assets to prove therefore become very important.

The personal loan is the most widespread form of financing because it does not provide any purpose for the use of money. Other times, on the other hand, loans are activated precisely to pursue a specific purpose: the purchase of a vehicle (in the form of consumer credit), the launch of a new business (for example in the craft sector) or support for young couples . There are many ways of this kind and in all cases the amount cannot be used for other reasons. On the contrary, personal loan, whatever the amount received on loan, is not tied to a specific purpose .

Despite this freedom in the use of liquidity, banks still require adequate guarantees

Despite this freedom in the use of liquidity, banks still require adequate guarantees
The pay slip available to employees or pensioners (the pension slip) is obviously not received by all workers. The self-employed can therefore resort to the presentation of the last two tax returns , which describe the economic and patrimonial situation, while for precarious workers or those who are unemployed a solution could be constituted by the demonstration of receiving some form of regular income on the current account , as a rental fee.

These possibilities are valid even if you try to obtain a personal loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor : those who find themselves in this situation not only do not receive a regular salary, but cannot even present a third party guarantor who signs and guarantees for him. The possibilities are therefore restricted to other forms of guarantees, such as the mortgage on a property. If it is true that in this way higher figures could also be obtained on loan, we must also consider that a mortgage loan is a delicate operation, to be examined carefully.

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